Laser Surgery For Prostate And Stone

Enlarged prostate and stones of the urinary tract, kidney, urinary bladder are the most common urological problems. SS Kidney & Urology Hospital is one of the best kidney hospital in Rewari, Haryana, which has the advanced and latest treatment for removal of stones from urinary tract and cure of enlarged prostate. We have a team of the best urologists, experts in Laser, and all the latest technologies.

Laser surgery for the prostate is an advanced procedure that has many advantages over conventional techniques. The laser removes excessive prostate tissue by ablation, i.e.by melting the tissues, or by enucleation, i.e., by cutting away excess tissues.

Advantages of laser prostate surgery:

  •  Reduced chances of bleeding
  •  Minimal hospital stay
  •  Recovery is comparatively faster
  •  Safer option
  •  Shows immediate and effective results

Stones like kidney stones, ureteric stones etc. can be removed by laser surgery without any cut or stitches. Lasers are used to fragment the stone into pieces, and the same can be passed through urine. Holmium/Thulium laser energy is used for this purpose. There are many ways to remove stones, but lasers are among the best and minimally invasive techniques to break and remove stones from the body.

Staying firm in our belief, we ensure the most affordable laser treatment in our hospital for enlarged prostate and stones. We offer painless, no cut, no scar, no stitches treatments that are effective and budget-friendly. Visit us if you are looking for kidney stone treatment in Rewari.